saving output to file

Irmen de Jong irmen at
Mon Apr 28 21:18:32 CEST 2003

Eric Anechiarico wrote:
> I am still not as proficient as I would like to be in Python, so this may be
> a trivial question to most.
> I want to have the output I get in my IDE window (using MacPython 2.2.2
> primarily in Carbon) to be written to a file instead of having to copy the
> output and then paste it to a text file myself.  How would I go about doing
> this?
> Mainly I would be using the code to do this with programs that calculate
> outputs of large numbers (primes, Fibonacci, etc.) and they sometimes
> overflow the buffer and I cannot get back very far to view the beginning.
> Make sense?  Basically since I am doing this in the IDE window anyway.
> Any suggestions?

I'm guessing that you are now "print"-ing the results of your calculations
to the screen, as in:

def fib(n):
    a,b = 0,1
    while b<n:
        print b,
        a,b = b,a+b 

Instead of printing them to the screen, print them to a file:

def fib(n, resultfile):
    a,b = 0,1
    while b<n:
	print >>resultfile, b,
        a,b = b,a+b 

fib(2000, open("fibonacci_to_2000.txt",'w'))

You might also want to check the following parts of the manual:

If you want you can even replace the 'default' standard output (your
screen) with your own file object:


Does this make sense?


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