How to protect python code ?

msw markscottwright at
Tue Apr 8 02:41:28 CEST 2003

Cameron Laird wrote:
> I exaggerate a bit.  There are indeed legitimate roles
> for obfuscating technologies.  Managers think they're
> far more common than is true, though, and programmers
> far, FAR overestimate the objective value of source
> code.  It's one of our occupational hazards.
> Dave's right.

Maybe, but since I'm the only one here who's read the requirements 
document, I submit that I'm the only one qualified to suggest a software 
design, no matter how limited my intelligence.

Besides, my original post was not that this should be done, but that no 
one on comp.lang.python would be willing to discuss the matter.

I'm right.  ;-)


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