Reading a non-standard floating point format

Florian Schulze florian.proff.schulze at
Sun Apr 27 09:54:42 CEST 2003

Could it be a pascal real value? I think the real values from turbo pascal 
where 6 byte.

Maybe this helps,

On 25 Apr 2003 07:31:49 -0700, Fidtz <fidtz at> wrote:

> I'm trying to do a database extraction program. Part of this is
> reading a large number of files with a 48bit floating point format
> that I think from the definition and searching on google, is unlike
> any on any other system (at least current ones anyway).
> While I think I can see the way to do this with various bit-grubbing
> techniques, the potential for error is massive, esp considering my non
> comp-sci background.
> Does anyone know of a library in python or even (fairly) easily
> wrappable C that might let me specify the format in a more high level
> way?
> Dominic

Florian Schulze

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