Pythonwin COM and GDI

Tim Hoffman timh at
Tue Apr 8 08:48:21 CEST 2003


I have been using python for several several years on unix platforms
but now I have to try and get my head around all the windows extensions
etc.. (I hardly ever use windows, so I have to come up to speed
on a whole bunch of stuff that is unfamiliar to me ;-)

I need to create a WMF file using a GDI calls. At first thought
it seemed that if I where to run makepy on gdi32.dll I should be able to
then use win32com.client. stuff to then use the gdi library direct.

But makepy say "could not locate a type library matching 

So I suppose I am missing something in my understanding of what
constitutes a valid DLL/ActiveX component that would suit makepy being
run against.

I have gone through the activestate docs, I must be thick,
cause I can't quite fathom the difference. Also it seems some of the GDI
stuff is in the win32ui module but unfortunately not the things I need
like CreateEnhWMF.

Any pointers or a link to a good FM for me to read further would be 

See ya


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