wxSplitterWindow to fill up its avalible space

Tim Gahnström /Bladerman tim at bladerman.com
Fri Apr 4 14:40:11 CEST 2003

"Max Erickson" <maxume at yahoo.com> wrote
> "Tim Gahnström /Bladerman" <tim at bladerman.com> wrote
> > Hi
> > I have put a wxSplitterWindow in a wxBoxSizer together with a panel.
> > My problem is that I must set the splitterWindowsize by hand when I
> > create it
> >
> >     wxSplitterWindow(self, -1, size=(300,300))
> >
> > Otherwise it gets no size at all. If I just put two panels there

> Are you adding any children to the splitter? It will take sizing cues from
> them...

Argh. I thought I had removed that post from usenet :-)
In Outlook Express it is possible to remove yout own posts from unsnet but I
guess that it wasnt possible after all. Annyone know if it is supposed to
work or supposed to not work?

Anyway, I had been sitting with the problem for a few hours but not found a
way to do it but once I posted the question I found the answer almos
imediatley. I had forgotten to add wxExpand when I added the spitterwindow
to the box.

middleBox.Add(edlOutput , 1, wxEXPAND)

Thanks anyway


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