*Newbie Question* --> Is it viable to distribute Python apps over the Internet?

A. Lloyd Flanagan alloydflanagan at attbi.com
Tue Apr 22 20:41:40 CEST 2003

laotseu <bdesth at removethis.free.fr> wrote in message news:<3EA494C2.5010701 at removethis.free.fr>...
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> Just for your information : your 92k VB program won't run without the 
> vbrun.dll, which is at least 1.x Mo... To be sure to have a correct 
> setup, you must package a VB program with the runtime (vbrun.dll) and 
> any 'external' ActiveX component, type libs etcs used by the application 
> (and be sure you won't write many real-life VB apps without ActiveX 
> components and type libs etc)
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> Laotseu
Yes, and it can be extremely difficult to ensure that you've got all
the ActiveX components and DLLs you need in your install package.  If
you're using database access, the client PC probably requires the
whole MS MDAC installed; they may well need to update various Windows
controls; any third-party controls need to be installed; etc.  God
help you if you've got version conflicts with another application, or
another version of VB.  All part of the wonders of component-based
development, or at least the MS implementation thereof.
I've had a lot fewer problems with distributed python apps.  Once your
target PC has python on it, and wxPython if appropriate, you can set
up everything with dist-utils.  3 easy installs is better than one
difficult one.

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