output buffering--am I missing something obvious?

Michael Hudson mwh at python.net
Sun Apr 6 19:05:45 CEST 2003

Andrew Koenig <ark at research.att.com> writes:

> Skip> I tried using 1.5.2 (!) on a Solaris 8 machine (it's what comes on the
> Skip> Software Companion CD for Sol8) I get the same results:
> >>>> import sys
> >>>> sys.stdout.write("foo")
> foo> sys.stdout.flush()
> >>>> sys.stdout.write("bar\n")
> Skip> bar
> Skip> Bit rot somewhere?  It certainly shouldn't do that.
> In a follow-up message, I suggested that interactive input tossed
> unwritten output.  I'm now not so sure it's that simple, because if I
> do this:
> >>> sys.stdout.write("foooooooooooooooooo"); sys.stdout.flush()
> it appears to write the argument string *and then to backspace over it*,
> erasing the characters from view.
> Very odd.

Now questions like the value of $TERM enter the picture... and
readline, like Paul said.

Do other programs exhibit similar behaviour?  Not sure what I'd try,


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