*Newbie Question* --> Is it viable to distribute Python apps over the Internet?

Dennis Reinhardt DennisR at dair.com
Mon Apr 21 22:49:30 CEST 2003

"Jp Calderone" wrote
>  It is unlikely you'll be able to get your app down to 800kB, though 3MB
> 4MB may be likely.  If size is your main concern, I'd recommend simply
> bundling the Python runtime with your application.  This will give you a
> "Hello world" that is 1kB or 2kB.

On Windows, which is where Visual Basic runs after all,  a complete Python
hello world is 459 KB.   3-4 MB is *not* required.  See the online builder
for constructing Python hello-world class executables at

A serious app (SpamAI below) is built differently and has much more code
than hello world.  Current size is 797 KB.  800 KB *is* likely.

The python DLL is bundled as are all required PY files in both of the
executables above.

Dennis Reinhardt

DennisR at dair.com   http://www.spamai.com?ng_sig

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