widget like listview

Richard Townsend nospam at here
Sat Apr 19 20:51:17 CEST 2003

> Is there any widget/mega widget available in Tk like ListView in windows
> Visual Studio). Actually i want to show a list of names with their
> etc from a table and the user is allowed to choose a name from that list
> the application will do processing for this name.
> I have tried ScrolledList widget of PMW but it only shows the table, i can
> not select an entry from it. Moreover if the name etc in the table are not
> of same length then the format of the list is disturbed ( in windows , on
> linux it works fine ).

If what you require is a multi-column list widget, then try
MCScrolledListBox widget from the PmwContribD package.

See http://pmwcontribd.sourceforge.net/
and http://sourceforge.net/projects/pmwcontribd/

You need to have Pmw installed to be able to use it.

There is a bug when used with Pmw 1.1 due to a name clash. A simple
workaround is to replace the 2 occurrences of 'vertscrollbar' in
MCScrollListBox.py with a different name e.g. 'mcvertscrollbar'.

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