Pythonic way to sum n-th list element?

Haran Shivanan hs2l2ATyahoodotcom at
Sat Apr 19 07:32:53 CEST 2003

module "Donn Cave" core dumped with the following output:
> So you see the functional programming answers as "higher level"
> than the imperative, procedural approach taken above?  I think
> many functional programming enthusiasts would see it that way,
> but it's more interesting to hear it from a Python programmer.
For me personally, yes, I prefer the functional approach to the
imperative one. I can't speak for the Python programming community
as a whole, though.
> I personally don't see it - I mean, I think there are some good
> things about the functional approach, but I guess I have higher
> standards for higher level.

Are you saying the imperative programming style is higher-level
than functional?
I never really thought about that.

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