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Thu Apr 17 20:48:47 CEST 2003

On Thu, 17 Apr 2003 16:52:27 +0100, "kpop" <snag at jool.po> wrote:

>I usualy print strings the normal way
>print x, but if the string is too big it will
>go by the screen too fast and i wont be
>able to see anything. I notice the python
>internel help system hasa thing like the
>unix prgram more, where you press enter
>to go down. How can i use that in my own
>programs? Is there a function or a module.
>I am using windows so i dont have more.

Do you want to do it for your program with code
in or used by the program, or do you
actually want a "more" program to pipe your
program's output to? I.e., you say you don't
have "more" on your windows, but from the rest
of what you say, having it wouldn't solve your problem.

So you could write a quick and dirty more.cmd (that would
run a simple to do the work) that you could pipe to,
or you could rebind sys.stdout in your program to control
the output stream (assuming your program isn't bypassing
that with low level io somehow).

Bengt Richter

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