python 2.3a2 Win32 expected failures in regression tests?

Tim Peters at
Wed Apr 9 19:49:34 CEST 2003

[Harri Pasanen]
> I've built python 2.3a2 myself on Win32, using Visual C++ 6.0.

Which flavor of Windows ("Win32" is ambiguous -- they're not identical)?
2.3a2 passed all tests on Win98SE and Win2K before it was released.

> When running the regression tests, the following 3 fail:
> test_tarfile, test_timeout, test_zipimport
> (test_zip passes)
> All in all, I have 201 tests that pass, but those 3 fail.
> I wonder if this is normal state of the affairs for Python 2.3a2 on
> win32, or something in my build that does not click.

See Just's msg about zipimport vs DST.  The other failures aren't expected,
although test_timeout *can* fail sporadically, depending on how busy the
machine is at the time the test is run.  I made that test less sensitive
after 2.3a2 was released.  2.3a2 is so old now that it would be better to
test current CVS Python.

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