Web graph producing library

VanL vlindberg at verio.net
Wed Apr 30 22:47:26 CEST 2003


I have googled around for this, and I can't find it.

I have a web app that produces some reports.  I would like to produce 
some reports in graph form, as well.  I have found a couple interfaces 
to various image libraries, but none that are particularly specialized 
for graphs.

For example I would love to have something like this:

import webgraph

data = {'adam': (30, 'yellow'),
         'jeff': (40, 'green'),
         'rob': (10, 'red'),
         'bill': (2, 'purple'),
         'bob': (15, 'black'),
         'uneaten': (3, 'white')
title = "Apples eaten by team member"

piechart = webgraph.PieChart(data, title=title)

piechart.dump() # Dumps pie graph in png (or other) format

bargraph = webgraph.LineChart(data, title=title)


Is there anything out there like this?  I know there is for perl and 
php, but I haven't found a python version.


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