Any good donothing?

Gerhard Haering gh at
Wed Apr 16 11:16:30 CEST 2003

Dialtone wrote:
> * Gerhard Häring <gh at> [160403 00:37]:
>>From what I remember other such solutions just use pipes to pipe the
>>output of cdda2wav into the mp3 encoder. No synchronization problems,
> Uhmmm... I tried to use pipes but I didn't managed it since it didn't
> take the right input file to encode.

There sure must be a way to use pipes, i. e. have cdda2wav write to 
stdout and the mp3 encoder read from stdin.

If one of them is really so broken as to not allow this, you can create 
a "fake" file for this. It's called a fifo. You can use mkfifo(1) or 
os.mkfifo from Python.

-- Gerhard

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