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Mike C. Fletcher mcfletch at rogers.com
Thu Apr 3 18:18:55 CEST 2003

Normally the best place to ask questions about wxPython is on the 
wxPython-users list.

Regarding your question (this is going to sound pedantic, 'cause I'm 
trying to show how you would solve the problem, more than the particular 

    The problem you're describing can be thought of this way:

        What is the current focus of the application/user when they are
        issuing this command via the menu?  That is, which particular
        view/window should be considered (part of) the "context" of the

    Current GUI libraries, including wxPython, embody a concept called
    "focus", which is essentially a pointer to the currently-active
    control/window (there are all sorts of problems with the "single
    focus" model when you get into multi-modal interfaces, but you
    probably don't care about that.  Single focus is the norm in WIMP
    interfaces, and wxPython is definitely a WIMP interface engine).

        * wxWindow::FindFocus()

    Note also that windows/controls are able to retrieve references to
    their parents:

        * wxWindow::GetParent()

    Then realise that you can test whether a particular window is an
    instance of your image-holding-frame just by doing a standard Python
    isinstance(...) test. 

    With that, you can walk up the sequence of parents of the
    currently-focused control looking for a window of your
    wxMDIChildFrame class.  That's then usable as (part of) the context
    of your menu action.  You can see this pattern in a number of
    places, it's dirt-common.  I've built a few of these mechanisms over
    the years, works quite nicely, however...

    Consider that this is a very common operation which is critical for
    the proper operation of MDI interfaces and wonder why people
    wouldn't have a built-in method for doing this stuff ;) :

        Then, poke around in the wxMDIParentFrame documentation for

Smile so the depressed half of the world considers you a threat :) ,

Roro wrote:

>Hello everybody,
>I want to create a window with others windows inside : My goal is to open
>several Images and apply filters on it.
>In concrete terms, my main window is with a bar menu : I click on  'Open
>File' Item and select images witch I wanna see.
>And I open  Images in a window by image, and I use wxMDIParentFrame and
>wxMDIChildFrame to create my windows.
>To create Windows, I use these lines :
> def OnNewWindow(self, evt, ):
>        / Open Dialog window witch ask witch files to open
>        /
>        self.winCount = self.winCount + 1
>        self.win = wxMDIChildFrame(self, Self.winCount+100, "Child Window:
>%d" % self.winCount)
>        / ...
>        /
>        self.win.Show(true)
>The problem comes now, I want to select a window and apply a filter on it
>(filters are in my menu bar). So, I want to select image's window, click in
>the menu bar the filter and see the result in the  selected window.
>I can only apply my filter on the last opened window. the others windows
>become ghost-windows (I can see them but i can't kill them). I think, it's
>because 'win' points on the last window and run over the previous created
>I want to manage my windows, but I didn't find any solution.
>Is it possible to create an indirection for 'win', by passing an argument
>with the new name for the window  ?
>Can I use 'Self.winCount' to refer to my ghost-windows ? Using their ID
>number ?
>Thanks in advance for any help.

  Mike C. Fletcher
  Designer, VR Plumber, Coder

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