*Newbie Question* --> Is it viable to distribute Python apps over the Internet?

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>Denis Agar wrote:
>   ...
>> Ok, try to ignore the thickness of my skull, but you're saying that it
>> is possible to create progams using mfc42.dll, a GUI that most people
>> have already? I have the win32 extensions and am in the process of
>Yes, with Python and a simple add-on you can choose to reuse any DLL
>you may have lying around.  win32all (PythonWin in particular) does
>that for MFC specifically.  Other add-ons such as the oldie (but
>goldie) calldll, and the newer (and more powerful) ctypes, let you
>do that for ANY dll (with more Python-side work to adapt it).  Good
>luck -- it IS, of course, lower-level programming than typical Python
>work, since you want to use DLLs designed for lower-level languages.
>The anygui project, anygui.sf.net, aims to design a uniform wrapper
>that can use most any GUI toolkit as a back-end -- this would include
>(at least potentially) MFC, or the bare Win32 API's, etc.  It's not
All true, of course.

I want to emphasize again that, for the specific question
of construction of Python-scripted GUI applications, it is
not necessary to comprehend the full generality of these
possibilities.  Mark Hammond and his beneficiaries have 
successfully used win32all (or PythonWin) to write such

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