Which documentation for 2.2?

Paul Berkowitz berkowit at silcom.com
Fri Apr 18 18:50:07 CEST 2003

Can someone tell me why there are two separate sets of Documentation at
python.org for Python 2.2? One was released 21 December 2001, the other on
29 March 2002. When you go to the latter it says it's Python 2.2p1. Is this
an updated (corrected?) documentation for the same Python 2.2 release as the
other (in which case why is the earlier set still published), or is it
documentation for a 2.2p1 update of Python itself (in which case why doesn't
it say so on the main page?)

Thanks for any clarification which can be provided. I'm trying to discover
which set applies to the Python 2.2 installed by Mac OS 10.2. I will ask at
PythonMac SIG list as well.

Paul Berkowitz

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