pygtk install

John Hunter jdhunter at
Thu Apr 10 20:34:43 CEST 2003

>>>>> "vector" == vector  <Vector180W at> writes:
    vector> load failed: The specified module could not be found.

    vector> I then tried GTK+-Runtime-Environment- and
    vector> reloaded python etc all the same

Did you set your PATH variable to include the GTK lib and bin subdirs?

Here are my notes for installing the GTK libs

   Extract these to C:\GTK. Obtained from This will install a bunch
   of files to C:\GTK. You must add this dir to your PATH environment
   variable.  Go to your My Computer icon, right-click it, and select
   the Properties tab. Under the Advanced tab, choose Environment
   Variables. Double click on the system variable path and add a
   semicolon followed by the dir C:\GTK\lib;c:\GTK\bin. Click OK,
   closing the window. Or edit autoexec.bat on windows 98.

If your path is set correctly, pygtk *should* work.  If it fails, fire
up a copy of Dependency Walker and try to load the pyd module into
Dependency Walker and see what modules are missing.

John Hunter

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