Visio like library for Python?

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Wed Apr 9 12:20:01 CEST 2003

skywalkerpackage at (Johannes Eble) wrote in
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> is there a library available for Python that behaves similar to MS
> Visio? For example, I would like to create vector graphic objects and
> connect the with a line. If I move, flip or rotate a connected object,
> the line should follow the connection.
> I would like to draw UML diagrams.

Maybe not quite what you asked but you might want to look at
ObjectDomain which is a UML diagram editor that is fully scriptable in
Python (or rather Jython). 

> But the program is in c and it is tightly coupled with GTK+.
> It seems to be an impossible mission to control dia from
> another program, at least in Windows.

A quick look at the Dia website seems to indicate that DiaPython exists.

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