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luc wastiaux luc at
Sat Apr 12 22:43:18 CEST 2003

In article <FWRla.4654$T34.116245 at>, Alex Martelli wrote:
> luc wastiaux wrote:
>> Hello,
>> when using readline, I can retrieve the contents of the line buffer using
>> get_line_buffer()
>> but is there a way to clear this buffer ? none of the provided functions
>> seem to allow that:
> Right: it seems that Python's readline.c does not expose interfaces to
> rl_delete_text, rl_kill_text, or other GNU Readline functions that would
> allow such behavior.  I suspect the simplest solution would be to patch
> readline.c to add such interfaces (also patch the docs accordingly), and
> submit the patch to sourceforge, where I think it would be welcome (and
> still in time to get into Python 2.3, for a modest addition, I think).

what would be my "deadline" for submitting such a patch and still make it 
into python 2.3 ?

luc wastiaux
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