In praise of PythonCard

Ron Stephens rstephens at
Thu Apr 24 15:16:45 CEST 2003

My impression is that PythonCard has some similarities to the old
Macintosh HyperCard development tool, in that it uses a Resource File
Editor to set up the windows and widgets, and in that some of the key
PythonCard developers are familiar with HyperCard and like some of
HyperCard's features.

However, PythonCard is entirely new technology and is being built from
the ground up, and the differences from HyperCard are so great that
there has been much debate as some wished to change the name so as to
avoid confusion. Still, I love the name PythonCard and evidently it is
here to stay.

Really, PythonCard is a work of love by Kevin Altis and several other
developers who are putting their best original thinking into its
architecture. It is innovative, and truly a collaborative project. If
it uses some good ideas that were also used in HyperCard, that's all
to the better ;-))))

If you subscribe to the PythonCard mailing list, you will be able to
follow some interesting collaborative development.

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