capturing output from os.system() in Windows?

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Wed Apr 23 10:45:06 CEST 2003

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> Being a complete novice at python, I thought I'd try a simple script
> to run a NET VIEW (which runs in a DOS box) command under Windows and
> then manipulate the resulting data.
> The first problem I have encountered is how to capture the output from
> the 'NET VIEW' command.
> os.system('NET VIEW') returns 0 under windows, although the DOS box
> pops up and the NET VIEW executes correctly.
> Is there some other command I should be using instead? I guess an
> alternative might be to run the 'NET VIEW' under dos and redirect the
> output into a python script using a BAT file?

Us os.popen, os.popen2, os.popen3 or os.popen4 according to your exact 
e.g. lines = os.popen('net view').readlines()

N.B. Be careful if you try to separate stdout and stderr from the command 
you are running as you can get deadlocks if a pipe buffer fills up while 
you are trying to read from the other pipe.

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