wxPython - Can you explain why I crash

Miki Tebeka tebeka at cs.bgu.ac.il
Sun Apr 13 10:00:46 CEST 2003

Hello Peter,
> > I've written this little client. It used to work fine but now no
> > matter which button I press the application crash.
> > I'm running Python2.2 and wxPython
> > Any ideas?
> [snip 480 lines of code]
> I have an idea: spend a little of your own time cutting down the
> program to a *much* smaller example which still crashes.  Then,
> and only then, post it to this newsgroup and ask for others' help.
Thanks Peter (and I'm not being ironic). I did just that and found the
I gave the 'Quit' button id of -1 and looks like it caught every
button click and terminated the program.

Next time I'll trying using my brain instead of the newsgroup :-(


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