I'm new to programming

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Sat Apr 5 04:34:05 CEST 2003

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> I've been parusing the 'Learn Python in an Afternoon' tutorial and my head 
> feels comfortable with it's
> syntax etc. I've looked at VB, C, C++, blah it gives me a friggin 
> headache!..
> I suppose the problem is a goal "What the hell do I want to program and I 
> just don't know".
> I feel that it would give me a better understanding if I had a goal.
> I know html I can look at Javascript and know what to look for when editing 
> for roll overs etc but get
> me to program something from scratch huh no can do I'm at a complete loss.
> It's like I guess. "I know the moves in chess but ask me to checkmate a 
> chessmaster in three moves forget it".
> Inspiration would be appreciated.

Look at sourceforge.net for some projects. Start simple. Incredibley
simple. Like parsing files or moving files or opening sockets and
readin sockets. Simple simple simple. Look at topcoder.com for some
puzzle problems.

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