Debugging embedded python

Mark Hammond mhammond at
Mon Apr 7 00:57:51 CEST 2003

Syver Enstad wrote:
> I have the python interpreter embedded in a daemon/service (this is
> win2k so it's a service). I'd really like to be able to debug the
> python code that is running. I was thinking of popping up a console
> window to be able to run pdb, how does one go about it to accomplish
> this? Are there any code doing similar things or articles.

You should be able to run the service in "debug" mode (ie, as a normal 
program" by using the "--debug" option.  Then you can debug however you 

But assuming you do need to debug as a service, you really need an 
out-of-process debugger, like Komodo and most of the commercial IDEs. 
Pythonwin does *not* do out-of-process debugging, so is no good.


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