more informative stack traces

L.C. deja-google at
Mon Apr 14 07:00:21 CEST 2003

I am proposing a different style of stack trace which I found more 
useful in debugging problems with live code. The main change involves
showing the actual parameter values in function calls, gdb-style.
It sounds simple because it really is, but it saves lots of guesswork
when navigating through the stack to see what caused a problem.

An implementation is available here:
To enable, just import it in your main program.

It requires syslog (thus Unix-only) because it seemed to be the natural
mechanism for reporting errors and warnings, although it will also use 
stderr if you are on a terminal.

Other useful features include methods to send debug, warning and error
messages directly to syslog, as well as a method for printing a trace
after catching an exception (or all, especially).

L.C. (Laurentiu C. Badea)

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