Forgetting "()" when calling methods

Alex Martelli aleax at
Sun Apr 27 10:31:18 CEST 2003

Erik Max Francis wrote:

> Alex Martelli wrote:
>> I think "if f is None:" and even more "if callable(f):" are
>> better ways to express this test -- explicit is better than
>> implicit.
> I agree wholeheartedly.  I was just giving an real-world example of use
> where the "Booleanness" of a function-or-maybe-not-a-function would be
> useful.

Yes, I understood that -- sorry if I wasn't explicit(:-) enough
in expressing my understanding.

> I personally explicitly do "x is None" tests for anything when I'm
> checking for Noneness, this was just as an example.

More importantly, it MAY be a widespread usage pattern (perhaps by
mistaken analogy with other "if x:" usages).  If so, then breaking
it would be unconscionable.  _However_ -- *warnings* can still be
optionally emitted, even though "if f:" were to be supported
forevermore -- newbies-who-forget-() might enable those warnings
and so still get some help, having their error diagnosed ASAP.


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