How many of you are Extreme Programmers?

Peter Hansen peter at
Wed Apr 16 18:53:20 CEST 2003

Christopher Blunck wrote:
> What's discouraging is that it often takes books, buzzwords,
> and fads to get the attention of higher-ups.  

Thankfully, in the case of XP all it took (at first) was 
a Wiki, not a book.  The book came later...

> Developing software
> is not all that difficult - it's always so confusing why people make
> software development more complex than it actually is.

Perhaps one reason some people think it's complex or difficult is
because so many (90%?) of software projects *fail* in various ways,
including by being so far over their scheduled release date that 
their customer vanishes.

There *is* a reason why agile methodologies are being developed,
although perhaps some people aren't ready for them yet. ;-)


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