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Christian Tismer tismer at
Sun Apr 13 11:45:41 CEST 2003

srijit at wrote:

>>This is temporary, the new version which I'm about to upload
>>tomorrow does not have that external file, since it is all moved into
>>the core dll, for simplicity.
> You mention about a new version to be uploaded on 06th April, 2003.
> But I do not see any new version in

Sorry, I forgot to do the upload, and meanwhile there were
many changes, again.

> I am not comfortable with CVS. At least can there be a small tutorial
> and some examples as HTTP/FTP download?
> Without good documentation and examples it is very difficult to take
> off on a new topic like Stackless Python. One of the most important
> reasons for Python being so popular is excellent documentation with
> every release.

Please be patient. At the moment I'm under some pressure
of my clients to produce a stable new version. After
that, I can work on documentation and examples.
For now, I cannot produce more than snapshots.

> After going through StacklessEuroPy.ppt, I feel it is worth learning
> to use Stackless Python. But (I repeat!) I am afraid without good
> documentation my attempt cannot last long.

Sorry, I can't help it right now. Will upload another snapshot,
soon, but maybe you should come back when 3.0 is out of
alpha state.

cheers - chris

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