import problem

Vince Buonassisi vjb at
Tue Apr 29 18:51:47 CEST 2003


thanks for the response.  i am new to python.  i inherited a project 
that was written in python from someone who left the company.  he was 
also the only python programmer here.

i have been trying to find information about those 
files that i see laying around and how they relate to running the 
python scripts.  all of them are empty except for the compiled ones.  
can you point me to a source that will give me an explanation about the 
purpose of this file,  i have been unable to find an 
explanation for this file.

the test directory was missing the file.  i put an empty 
one in there and my script ran just fine.


On Martedì, apr 29, 2003, at 09:09 US/Pacific, Daniel Dittmar wrote:

> Vince Buonassisi wrote:
>> from WVWService.util import XMLUtil
>> from WVWService.test import HTTPClient
>> the first import works just fine.  but, the second one i get the error
>> "ImportError: No module named test".  i have checked for mispellings;
>> i have checked to see if the directory test exists; i have checked the
>> system path by printing out sys.path from w/i the script to see if the
>> directory path is in sys.path (/home/vjb/workspace/wvwBase3/src/wvw).
> Maybe a missing in WVWService/test?
> Daniel
> -- 

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