Questions on linked lists

Greg Ewing (using ckea25d02 at
Wed Apr 2 03:02:58 CEST 2003

Erik Max Francis wrote:
> A linked list, although it's
> expensive to index [O(n)], is very inexpensive to insert or delete
> objects at _any_ location [O(1) for either].
> If you find you need a data structure where you are doing a lot more
> inserting and deleting than indexing, then a linked list might well make
> a great deal more sense.

Be careful, though -- chances are, in Python you'd
need quite a large list before the overhead of the
Python operations needed to create a node and insert
it became less than the C-speed operation of inserting
into a Python list.

The O(x) statements above are true, but there are
some pretty hefty constant factors involved here!

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