Class problem: loosing my mind

stuffduff stuffduff at
Sun Apr 27 04:21:32 CEST 2003

I'm 'doing the class pickle thing.'

I understand that both the module doing the pickling and the module
doing the unpickling need to reference the same class definition.

So I go and make a directory under site-packages named gV and in the
directory i add a file class gO and a completely empty

Now I have an importable module for the class, as much as I

So I fire up python, import sys and print sys.path, and the last path
is pointing to the correct site-packages.

At the python prompt I enter import gV, no error.

Next I try and create an instance:


and I get AttributeError: 'gV' module has no attribute 'gO'

What am I missing here?

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