PySqlite for the Python 2.3a

Driver, David DDriver at
Tue Apr 1 04:30:15 CEST 2003

So, I emailed a few days ago saying that I was going to try to compile
pySqlite and install it for 2.3. Well after a few evenings of dinking around
in the source code, I now know that I have no understanding of the C++
languages or of building an install package for windows. Is there any plans
to do an installer for the alphas? Is there another way to get the package
installed for windows?

Any help is appreciated. Sqlite is a beautiful piece of work. I can't wait
to get it to work on 2.3.

During the day I work in an all Microsoft shop programming VB for SQL
server. At night I get to program Python.

BTW, Does anybody know of any work with sqlite and VB? I have seen that
there are ODBC drivers for .net, and there is a custom compiled version of
Sqlite out there that doesn't look like it keeps up with development.

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