pyserial newbie questions

Gilles gilles.celli at
Thu Apr 10 10:08:38 CEST 2003

Hello folks,

Since I am very new to Python I have the following question:

I try to write a program in Python (on RHat 8.0 Linux) with the 
"pyserial" module which communicates to a device via RS232 serial cable.

The program should do:

1. Set Com port  to 300,n,8,1
2. Send 20 NULL characters Chr(0)
3. Wait 10 ms ( may vary in your case)
4. Send a string "HELLO"
5. Wait to receive ³READY² string  from device
6. If above string OK SEND   ³START²

I figured out how to set the port, send the 20 NULL characters :)

But I have no idea how to "wait for 10ms", send the HELLO string and 
read the READY string...

Anyone has a clue or source code sample ?

Thanks a lot.


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