Stackless 3.0 alpha 1 at blinding speed

Christian Tismer tismer at
Sat Apr 19 06:17:00 CEST 2003

Courageous wrote:
>>AFAIK, generator functions have turned out to be quite difficult in Java
>>too, but that didn't seem to stop their acceptance.
> I'll chime in here.
> I am emphatically _against_ targeting subsets of features that cater
> to a virtual machine. The Java guys can get it together, or fall into
> a hell of conformity, for all I care. Same with .NET.

I have to say that I never took the Jython argument for serious.
This might come from that fact that I never took Java for serious,
Without tring to offend anybody, I have the feeling that the main
motivation to bring that argument up was to put continuations
down, finally, which I now understand to some extent.
Stackless 3.0 does not support them, it has a clean and mean
concept of tasklets, it can switch them at blindingly speed,
and it will exist as a software-only (meaning without C stack
mangling) alternative, soon.
I'm kind of waiting for the new set of arguments why this
cannot be included into the distribution. I am obviously
solving a problem that nobody has. Funny that I'm paid by
companies, just to continue my work.
This suggests that "nobody" doesn't eval to 0, but at least 3 :-)

expect-3.0.1-shortly-after-easter -- sincerely -- chris

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