Parsing data

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Mon Apr 7 18:38:51 CEST 2003

Antonis Kaklis wrote:
>>Was that what you wanted? What you want to do with your data is not quite
> clear
>>from your post...
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> Thanks very much for your response...
> but  now  I have lists like this:
> [2.1614729999999999e-006, 2.183854e-006, 2.1778039999999998e-006,
> 2.1740989999999998e-006, 2.2548290000000002e-006]
> [2.1451629999999998e-006, 2.322683e-006, 2.1120490000000001e-006,
> 2.0925849999999999e-006, 2.0696180000000001e-006]
> [2.05246e-006, 2.5724020000000002e-006, 2.6257250000000002e-006,
> 2.7019989999999999e-006, 2.7715390000000001e-006]
> [1.88422e-006, 1.8648680000000001e-006, 1.8359719999999999e-006,
> 3.1508029999999998e-006, 3.2457659999999998e-006]
> What i want is to process each column. First the values of the first column,
> continue with the second column and so on...,
> in order to plot the values with time step of 0.02sec. (f(t)).
> I don't know if I make myself clear now(I hope so).

This should give you a clue

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