converting from shell script to python

Jason Tiller jtiller at
Wed Apr 2 03:58:30 CEST 2003

Hi, Shao & Francois, :)

On 1 Apr 2003, Francois Pinard wrote:
> [Shao Zhang]

> > I need to convert a very simple shell script to python in order
> > get it run on both windows and unix.

> Another possibility is to install a ported `bash' on Windows.  I do
> not use Windows often, but the last time I had to, a while ago,
> `bash' was working quite well.  I used the one from DJGPP -- Cygwin
> probably has one too.

Truly, Cygwin provides a very sophisticated *nix emulation
environment, including all of the popular shells (bash, csh, tcsh,
pdksh, and zsh), major script languages (tcl, perl, python, etc.), and
just about anything you'd need to recompile and run *nix software on
Windows.  There's even a full-fledged X server on which (insane)
people are running KDE.

I'm using Cygwin's Python 2.2.2 + Tkinter + Pmw to go through the
examples in John Gray's "Python and Tkinter Programming," and the
environment is *very* good.


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