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David Bolen db3l at
Tue Apr 29 20:40:57 CEST 2003

"Max Khesin" <max at> writes:

> The only detail I have is that the script was copy-pasted out straight of
> wxPython demo app. There were no specific instructions in the readme for
> running the code so I just gave it a shot. Since wxPython is so popular I
> fugured someone would just tell me "didn't you bla-bla, (idiot)?".
> anyway, thanks.

Ah - it's the point about copying it from the "demo" that would have
helped mentioning in your first post (as opposed to just saying
"examples").  As it was, it's hard to know why the code snippet you
gave was referencing the run module, since it's not a standard module.

The wxPython demo is built around a framework that automates tying
each demo module into the overall demo.  If you look in the same demo
directory where you found this example, you'll find the that
you probably didn't copy over to where you are experimenting.

Note that is not part of standard Python, nor is it something
that is documented as part of wxPython.  It's just part of the
wxPython demo code base.

My guess is that you don't really want to use this code (nor the module) since that's geared specifically towards the way the
wxPython demo presents itself.  Instead, run the wxPython demo, find
the module that you're interested in, and then borrow the actual code
that implements the behavior to put in your own module, and ignore the
boilerplate framework that ties the module into the demo display.

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