Getting source code from interpreter-defined function

POYEN OP Olivier (DCL) Olivier.POYEN at
Fri Apr 11 11:57:43 CEST 2003

Hi all,

I'm playing with inspect module, which, BTW, is great for finding useful info on saved object, written object.
With inspect, I can get source code from a function.

Is there anyway I could do the same with "alive" object, without having to wrap the whole python interpreter and create tmpfile for writing session ? (an "alive" object would be an object defined at the interpreter prompt)

That was the question ;  now on to the details:

I'm trying to do some kind of interactive console IDE for PyGtk. I want people to try fast code, binding code to live widget, and then just do a "dump" in order to create the source file. 

So, in a way, I'd like to be able to do, at prompt:

>>> def foo():
...    print "bar"

And then , latter, after playing with it, after having tweaked it *whithout* killing the python interpreter

>>> dump_alive_code(foo):
def foo():
   print "bar"

or at least:
>>> dump_inner_code(foo):
   print "bar"

Insect do already this for written code, by reading the file and retrieving source code. But for object defined in the interpreter... I can't figure that out ! 

I know, I know, why on earth would I want to get that code: just write it down on file and fire 'python'
But as I said, I want some kind of interactive console IDE, and I don't want to shutdown python interpreter. Plus, I want to be able to quickly test/bind widget with quick function. 

One solution I thought about is to wrap the whole python interpreter, try saving the code as it is feed, and then, when user asked for a dump, produce it. Overkill ! So much work for almost nothing ! There must be a more elegant solution ! 

Other solution: given any function, even defined in interpreter, I can get function.func_code.co_code, which is byte compiled code for this function. Perhaps I could use it and decompile it. But how....? 

Well, that was long, but good.

Any pointers, any RTFM, any URL will be well received.

Thanks in advance.

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