Pythonic way of web-programming

Giorgi lekishvili at
Fri Apr 4 19:04:37 CEST 2003

Hi all!

Let me start with the statement that I am not a professional
web-programmer. My tasks are rather linked with the scientific
calculations and algorithm prototyping.

Recently I have started to make a Georgian language based web-site for
Python. It was a natural feeling not to use, say, php or perl for
web-content management. I have gone through different approaches
available in Python; namely:
- CGI (with or without mod-python and / or cpy ) ;
- ZOPE ;
- Jython / J2EE ;
- ASP .NET ;
- Webware PSP.

I didn't examine all of them in depth as my real choice was somehow
restricted with either CGI or (utter maximum), webware appserver,
(which still has to be set up in a due manner by my ISP provider; I am
doing the site as they are willing to promote Python in Georgia).

My opinion, or rather feeling, is that "there is more than one way of
doing this"; something utterly unpythonic

Hence my questions to the Python web-programming gurus:

- Is Python a real web-programming language at all? I mean, has
somebody ever used it for real, commercial tasks? Please, do not
consider my question too trivial. There is no language equally
suitable for all tasks, however, Python seems to me a language
naturally tailored for web-programming; this or that way, I have more
than two years of experience of professional programming in Python.

- If it is an intention of the Python community to keep or to
establish Python as a web-programming language on the level of Java,
C# and Co., what is the standard, or at least, recommended way to
web-program in Python? Which technology?

- Hasn't yet come the time to have the only *standard* way of
web-programming in Python? For example, will anybody ever use Java for
web-programming outside the J2EE framework? In Python, and I still
emphasize, it might be only my feeling, there are lots of ways to do
this job.

- Is there a need to design a genuine python framework for
web-programming? I admit that it should sound weird and fuzzy and that
I myself have no exact idea of how to do so, however, a mere porting
of technologies compels us to program, say, Java, in Python. Why
should we keep doing this? Python itself is one of the most powerful,
clear and emotionally beautiful language.
Or, maybe, ZOPE is the genuine pythonic way? I simply do not know. I
do not want to come with some "new ideas" simply not feeling myself
confident. Therefore, please, give me some hints where to start
web-programming in Python.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Best wishes,

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