How many of you are Extreme Programmers?

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Fri Apr 18 10:59:14 CEST 2003

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> So how many of you guys use XP processes?

I see that most of you, when talking about XP, are referring to TDD,
and on some occasions about desing/coding issues. So let me speak more
about TDD.

Testing as a part of development process seems so natural in Python.
When developing in Python I strive to write modules/classes which
satisfy the low coupling "criteria" so that I can remove them easily
(to some extent) from the project. This enables me to write the
required tests. All of this can be achieved because the Python is
dynamically typed language and it doesn't stand in my way. It doesn't
need the rest of the system in order to test one of modules.

Must I say that all of this is happening in my home projects and some
minor utility projects at work and I would like to use more of TDD at
work. But there is a catch. As hard as it is to admit this I must
admit it: I don't know how to to use it. All work is done in Oracle
database and Forms and they don't fit nicely with TDD (at least to
me). How do you test a form? How do you test a lengthy database job
whose input depends on dozens of tables and which modifies/creates
records across dozens of tables?

I might be in a position to influence some things here at my company
so any help would be appreciated. Any thoughts on this? Books? Links?


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