IDLEfork: How to open all files in a single window

Svein Brekke svbrk at
Thu Apr 3 15:32:29 CEST 2003

I am using IDLEfork on Windows 2K and XP and on Mandrake Linux 9.0. I
have fruitlessly fiddled around in IDLEfork code to figure out how I
can modify it to my preferred window handling:
 - file->open opens a new file in the same window (I realize this
   can be done with the "open in same window" hook, but how?)
 - "idlefork" on the command line opens in 
   the existing idle window (if it does exist), i.e. same behavour
   as file->open (How do i send file name from the new process to
   the existing?)

Maybe it's in the code already. If not: I thought to implement this
myself, but would be greatful if any "housewarm" person could give a
hint of where to start.

Svein Brekke

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