Forgetting "()" when calling methods

Roy Smith roy at
Mon Apr 28 21:08:42 CEST 2003

In article <s4uqavg0fjuucqve2vl4g03atpu25pdn97 at>,
Dale Strickland-Clark  <dale at> wrote:
>Frantisek Fuka <fuka at> wrote:
>>When I try to call methods, I sometimes forget to include the 
>>parentheses. Instead of:
>>if object.isGreen():
>>	do something...
>>i sometimes write:
>>if object.isGreen:
>>	do something...
>It's the curse of Visual Basic.

I thought it was a perl-ism.  You can use ()'s, or leave them out.
You can use & or leave it out too.  Sometimes.  Maybe.  Depends if
it's a built-in or not, I think.  Ugh.

>I suggest you take your frustration out on the person who persuaded
>you to learn VB in the first place.

Same comment goes for perl.

>Recovery may be found in hours of coding in just about any grown-up

Ditto, but the recovery time may be longer than just a few hours.

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