xmlrpc introspection

poiboy bitbucket at safe-mail.net
Fri Apr 25 13:35:22 CEST 2003

> thanks!!!!  the xml-rpc debugger is awsome.

Happy to help. Quick note - the debugger link was courtesy of Graham
Dumpleton, posted earlier.

> i see a scalability problem with listMethods. we have a
> server that dynamically loads many providers.
> it would be nice if it was standard that there was a
> listServices request and listMethods took an optional
> service parameter. then you can scale this up.

Re: scalability - I'd vote for such a solution, where your server's
listMethods response includes listServices and methods particular to
your server (listServiceMethods, listMethodDirectory, etc.) rather
than aiming for listMethods transparency - if only to draw attention
to the varying degrees of energy required to fulfill a request. Of
course this is entirely dependent on client relationships.

Dictate. Become the standard.

A hui hou.

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