FInd nic speed/duplex (Win32)

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> j2 wrote:
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> > Is there any sample code to be able to find NIC settings (speed and 
> > duplex) for a NIC in a Win98 system?
> You could look in the registry, or there might be some Win32 
> call. Either way, the bulk of the answer is Windows-specific 
> and could be found by searching with Google, probably.  After 
> you have the answer in "Windows-speak", post the APIs 
> required, or the names of the registry keys required, and 
> someone can post example code.

Actually, the exact registry entry will be vendor specific, so don't try
to do that unless you know all the machines you're testing have the
exact same hardware.  In general, NIC cards are too low of a layer on
the OSI model for Windows itself to care about how it's working.  That's
left as an "implementation detail" for the vendor.

However, you might be able to make a good guess by scanning the text
returned by "os.popen('ipconfig /all')"

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