A python server

dansan santacruz at southern.edu
Tue Apr 15 19:11:18 CEST 2003

> I believe the best advice for you at this stage might be the
> now-ubiquitous "Twisted does that".  Although at your level 
> figuring out how to work with Twisted (http://www.twistedmatrix.com)
> might be non-trivial

True that.  I've been trying to figure out how make twisted work. 
There are SO many things, that I have no clue what exactly to use.

> Five or ten lines of code on top of Twisted (and there are lots
> of good examples and How-Tos at that web site) is enough to get
> you past the socket issues, at which point the job is entirely in
> your hands to program the tournament scheduling parts, the
> "run games" part, etc.... in other words, it will let you focus
> on the application logic itself, and not on the infrastructure.

That is what I would like.  If twisted would allow me to concentrate
on the game-logic, and tournament logic, that would be great... but I
have no clue where to start.

There are 2 main different type of logics.  One is the tournament
logic (which keeps track of the games being played, the schedules, and
the results), and the other is the actuall game logic (rules,
turn-change, time-outs).  It would be nice if there was somewhat 1
instance of the tournament, and multiple ongoing games.

Anyway, if someone can give me a push-start, it'd be nice :)  Oh, and
I'm not scared to read doco, if the doco is actually going to help me
get the job accomplished (which so far hasn't).

Cheerz, Daniel.

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