Could Emacs be rewritten in Python?

Francois Pinard pinard at
Sun Apr 6 23:31:14 CEST 2003

[Patrick K. O'Brien]

> Do you think Pymacs would help me understand Emacs better, or should I
> just dive into the Emacs source?

Pymacs will _not_ significantly help you at understanding Emacs, in my
opinion.  Diving in Emacs sources might help you better, but probably not
too soon: you will surely see a lot of details, but have more difficulty at
grabbing the overall picture of the problem.  Studying, understanding and
even translating a few Emacs Lisp files might be more fruitful for this.
A careful reading of the Emacs Lisp Reference Manual is surely a good
pre-requisite as well.

> I think getting the core functionality won't be that hard.  And even
> if I only implement the bare minimum, [...]

If you want being able to run an Emacs Lisp file taken at random on the
net, either directly or by translating it by automatic or semi-automatic
means, you surely need a good and wide deal of that minimum functionality.
It might not be excruciatingly hard: not always easy, but likely tedious.

> > All this being said, I sincerely wish that your project will succeed!

> Me too.  Ignorance is bliss, so I might as well enjoy this moment when
> it all seems possible.

I understood you so well! :-)  Keep happy, and have good courage!

François Pinard

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