Random web page?

Bryan L. Fordham bfordham at socialistsushi.com
Thu Apr 17 15:45:57 CEST 2003

Anton Vredegoor wrote:

>From the universe of all currently available webpages (where
>"currently available" means available on the world wide web at the
>runtime of the script) I want to select a page in such a way that each
>page has an equally likely chance of being selected. Any idea about
>how to accomplish this is equally likely to be welcome ;-)
I don't think it's really possible to know *all* the available pages.  I 
don't even know how you could really get such a list without running 
something like google yourself and constantly validating all the pages.

So why not just use google instead?  Write something to generate a 
random word or phrase, then submit that to google using the "I'm feeling 
lucky" feature.


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