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Steven Hodgen <steven at twitch.net> wrote in message news:<oproar1sjtx3zh5c at news.mindspring.com>...
> Hello,
> I'm currently teaching a high-school introduction to programming course.  
> I'm currently teaching in Java, but am seriously considering changing to 
> Python.  The problem is that I cannot seem to find any good textbooks, much 
> less ones for students with no prior programming experience.  This is the 
> one area in which Java excels.  I'm using an awesome programming 
> environment called "BlueJ", and there are lots of textbooks for students at 
> all levels.
> However, Java is not a great language for beginners.  Python, on the other 
> hand, is ideal.  If I can find a textbook that is even ok, I may consider 
> changing, since the language is so much better for students at this level.  
> Doesn anyone know of a book like this?  Ideally, it would have examples and 
> excercises, and perhaps even a web-site with other instructor and student 
> resources.
> Thanks!
> --Steven
> steven at twitch.net

I recommend "How to Think Like a Computer Scientist", which is perfect
for high school (see http://www.ibiblio.org/obp/thinkCSpy/)


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