Using Jython to process HTML

Tzahi tzahij at
Sun Apr 13 19:05:19 CEST 2003

I am working on a BI project that reads input HTML from the web, and
needs to do all kinds of manipulations to that HTML.

The project will be written in Java.

I am very new to Java, and have some experience with Python. I like
its dynamic nature and text processing.

I want to use Jython for the HTML processing power, so that I can
access other project and Java system classes. I hope this way I can
read pointers to documents from standard Queues, created by other
parts of the system, and process them with Python power.

I have never used Jython. Can you please tell me if this design make
any sense?

Do other people use Jython I real-life projects?

Thanks for any help or Idea

Tzahi Matar

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